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Nicole & Bill’s Wedding Day 7.23.10   1 comment

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Our Unknown Legacies…and the Importance of Doing What We Love   1 comment

My friend Kate called to tell me about a networking event she attended that focused on self-promotion.

“Kate,” I said, “People can buy anything from anyone, but what you have to sell … your photography … they can only get from you. People oftentimes buy relationships in the guise of the product or service we’re selling. That’s why it’s so important for us to make a connection with one another, because essentially it all boils down to our relationships, how we treat one another and giving our best, no matter what.”

“That’s right!” Kate said. “That’s exactly what this networking event was about. But I wanna tell you about this woman I met. I asked her if she ever had a professional portrait taken of her or her family — and she said, ‘Well, yes, but not by someone who’s a so-called portrait photographer …She was my wedding photographer. I had such a connection with her.  My mother had died right before my wedding day and I felt so taken care of spiritually by my photographer who comforted me. When I had children, I knew I wanted her to photograph them — which she did. And you know what? Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is look at my kids in that picture she took which is on my nightstand — and it reminds me of her and that day.’ ”

I jumped in and said, “That’s what I’m talking about!,” elated to have my point proven.

“Wait! Wait! That’s not just it … I’m not done with the story. Which is why I called you. I asked this woman who the photographer was…And you know who it was?–It was you! 

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Spoonful of Heaven   Leave a comment

Last night at dinner, a friend said, “What do I know? … How can I be tellin’ other people what to do when I don’t even know what to do for myself sometimes.”

Immediately an image that had been tucked away from a long time ago resurfaced. It was a cartoon I had seen—the first frame was titled “Hell.” It contained a group of about eight people seated around a gigantic, deep wooden bowl of food. They were frowning in distress with furrowed brow and gaping mouth, gripping long spoons with handles that extended beyond the length of their arms. They were gaunt with starvation. The spoons were so long that they passed their mouths beyond their shoulders, making it impossible to feed themselves.

The second frame in the cartoon was titled “Heaven.” At first glance, it appeared to be the same. Eight people surrounding a gigantic bowl of food with each person holding a yardstick-sized spoon. However, this group was rosy-cheeked and grinning ear to ear.

Each person held out a spoon that was just long enough to reach across the bowl and feed another.

Quite often we don’t know what to do for ourselves; but when we are open to the help of others who can see more clearly our needs, we are both blessed beyond measure.

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Ready for the Garden Tour July 11 Inn at Cook Street   1 comment


Her name is Roxanna

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Saved after found flailing in distress-Planter serves as new nest   2 comments

hoping for her to heal

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Longshore 50 Documentary Debut   Leave a comment

Westport Historical Society Open House

Celebrating 50 years of Longshore Club Park’s rich celebrity history.  On continuos loop at the Westport Historical Society and to be broadcast on Cablevision’s channel 88, beginning Thursday, July 15, 2010, 6:00pm for four consecutive weeks. Viewing region – 10 eastern seaboard towns of Fairfield County, CT from Greenwich to Westport and west to New Canaan. Public screenings to be announced throughout the summer 2010.

Producer/Cinematographer – Doreen Birdsell – Director/Editor –  Gemmarose Tummolo

Copy and Paste to View the Trailer –

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Shores of Longshore   2 comments

Saugatuck Inlet

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