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A Snack for the Spirit – “No Thyme”   2 comments

Turkey, stuffing, stuffing me with turkey – Not this year folks – And for that I am truly thankful. Some people really look forward to the feast and family.  This Thanksgiving Eve I’m looking forward to a day in New York City with my partner to just see what we will see.  No big plan except to take in the sights and get some healthy food wherever serendipity leads us – without falderal.

Today’s snack is truly just that. Although life is a banquet I need to be careful not to get so stuffed that my appetite for more puts me to sleep and renders me useless. It seems to be a diabolical plan.

I am so blessed to have so much, which for me, is being content with all that I already have.  For this I thank my Creator who gave me eyes to see and a heart to love.

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