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Catholicism was my upbringing and for many years, my faith, until I realized I was gay and that there would be no way my church would ever accept me for who I was, resulting in my shame and belief that I was no longer acceptable to God — What would it matter if I threw my worthless life away? “I was already condemned,” was the underlying text in my subconscious.
Today I know that is as far from the truth, as the east is from the west. However, there are many for whom that is not true and still live feeling separated and unloved by God. That is the most tragic aspect of the many false doctrines of religion.
I applaud the nuns who have taken advantage of this century’s educational opportunities offered by the Catholic Church to become lawyers, social workers, and hospital executives. They work in the trenches of society with the poor and outcast, and take a stand to support the oppressed in these changing times where issues of women being ordained as priests, birth control, and gay marriage, are front and center. Now, they face “The Vatican’s Scathing Critique,” as stated in a recent New York Times headline:
“We were the ones who probably took Vatican II and ran the fastest and the farthest with it,” said Sister Janice Farnham, a retired professor of church history at the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry. “Sometimes our church leaders forget, we were tasked to do these things by the church. The church said jump, and we said, how high? The church said update, renew, go back to your sources, and we did it as best we could. We did it with a passion, and we paid dearly.”

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