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For a long time I suffered from financial fear – especially after becoming self-employed.  Fear that I couldn’t pay bills, make the rent, afford to eat…basically survive.

I couldn’t even think it through; the fear blinded me.

That’s what the boogey-man does…disables rational thinking, disarms hope, eradicates faith, and increases heart rate and blood pressure seeking to eventually kill and destroy.  In the interim stealing all forms of peace along with self-esteem, causing a social death, and spiritual lameness.

It took years of spiritual conditioning and inner work, to repossess my thoughts…because I was out of my mind…and when that mental “no vacancy” sign goes up, there’s a host of dark clouds ready to move in.

Gratefully, I now live in such a healthy state of mind with wellness of heart, and most of all, spiritual conviction of what God has freely given me. Peace, love, joy, and the right to thrive. Nothing or no one can take it away. The greatest fear of all was doing what I love … exercising God’s given talents and believing I wouldn’t starve or go homeless.  Today I surround myself with people I call winners and reminders that I am not alone.

Mara Fine, a good friend and a fine artist made this bracelet for me at my request in 2007 so I could always remind myself to, Trust in God.  I wear it every day. Spiritual messages often come to me in the form of finding money in the most unlikely places. Today I found a nickel on the barbeque grill. It’s not the money I see; it’s the words inscribed, “In God we Trust” as my reminder of the Spirit’s ever abiding, faithful presence.

D Birdsell

Posted September 24, 2012 by doreenbirdsell in Spiritual Impressions

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