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This morning I wrote a poem – then wondered what I’d photograph to compliment the words … I looked around at a dark morning landscape that didn’t inspire – and decided to let it go.  In the mid-afternoon a friend stopped over who loves photography.  To demonstrate LightRoom, one of the software programs I use in post production, I downloaded an image I shot last night that I might have overlooked or dismissed if not for our conversation.  When I saw the image and the possibilities, I was so surprised and immediately saw it as the manifestation of this morning’s poem.  I love God…This is one of the ways I see the Spirit at work …

Thoughts they limit and lean on less

My own devices encourage stress

When I see through the lens of Spirit’s eyes

I never cease to be surprised


D Birdsell

Posted September 25, 2012 by doreenbirdsell in Spiritual Impressions

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