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Joy Comes in the Morning   Leave a comment


Thank you God for a beautiful day
Like ships are we clinging to our moorings
Never do You leave us
Always are You near
Relief at last
The storm has past

D Birdsell

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Recipe for All the Time   Leave a comment


As difficult as things may be
We can still find serenity
Look up beyond the storm
To calm the storm within
The God of heaven we all know
Is greater than the rain, the wind, or snow
In times of peril may I always know where to go

D Birdsell

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Wind then rain then a hole in the sky where the moon shone through   Leave a comment


Preparedness and caution
With faith and hope
Makes it possible for us to cope

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My Best Peeps All Drink Alike   Leave a comment


In Saratoga Springs, NY with beverage of choice –
This is like the first time I ate Cod in Cape Cod

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A Walk in the Woods   Leave a comment

To pause and pray

Can oftentimes save the day


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Work is Love made Visible – Kahlil Gibran   Leave a comment


At the Photo Expo

So grateful to have an occupation
Where learning new information
Can feel like going to a party

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Lost Bunny – Black, White Tummy   Leave a comment

Love is soft and made of this

This family it will surely miss

The power of prayer reaps great rewards

Even lost bunnies have a home with our Lord


D Birdsell

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