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Solo Flight   Leave a comment

Oh dear God prepare me so

That I might surely be enabled

Knowing always firstly this

Never to fly solo


D Birdsell


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Time-wise   Leave a comment

You’re never early, and never late

Because with You, there is no time

Yet here in this place, that we call earth

I busy myself with much as I wait


Spare me the days of the last fallen leaf

When streams rush forth unseen beneath their frozen glass

Warm me with the sun of late autumn’s last

Before this fleeting moment turns what’s present to past


D Birdsell


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Shades of Grey   Leave a comment


Letting go and letting God
May not promise to feel good
But instead of pain and anxiousness
Surrendered peace will take its place

D Birdsell

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Woodlands   Leave a comment

Your presence in this unknown place

More palpable than prayer

Uncertainty awakes in me  

The need to draw You near

Your likeness falls upon me damp with dew

Acute my senses reach for proof

To find You everywhere


D Birdsell




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A Landing Place   Leave a comment

Body, soul, and hungry heart

Winging home worn and weathered

Hope of hearth on horizon beckons

Not just one meal, or an isolated celebration

But for all time, a feast for the weary waits


D Birdsell

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A Well Worn Path   Leave a comment

Why is it when the weather’s turned

I find it harder to know You here

Is it only in the summer’s breeze

I can sense Your Spirit more frequent near


When wind turns cold

I know that You do not

However, inward more I go

My search for You grows deeper still

D Birdsell

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No Matter What   Leave a comment

No matter what – Through thick or thin – With faith in God, we rise again –

D Birdsell

Excerpt – New York Times 11/17/12

The statue is one of the only recognizable remnants of the swath of Breezy Point where more than 100 homes burned to the ground while a flood kept firefighters from reaching it. Since the waters withdrew early on Oct. 30, the image of the Breezy Point Madonna has reached the nation, indeed the world, through vivid news photos. Pilgrims have come to leave offerings: a bouquet of yellow roses, four quarters, a votive candle, a memorial card for the victims of Sept. 11, a written admonition that healing begins with acceptance.


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