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The good and bad thing about firsts is that you only have them once.   2 comments

Today I gave my first talk and won “Best Speech” for my “ice-breaker” (speaking about who I am) at Toastmasters where I have been attending to hone my skills as a speaker.  For those who know me, or have read my memoir, I kept no secrets, especially about my faith. I ended my seven-minute presentation with a recent poem I had written (it came to me as if on angel’s wings in the last hour of preparation when the “ding” of someone’s Facebook comment drew my attention to it).

The group leader called my ice-breaker, a boiler-maker.  There were tears and hugs from those I had never met.  I’m so grateful to my friends who are supporting me on my new journey – I see you in the eyes of my audience and suddenly I am home, time has ceased, and I know I’m doing what God has prepared me for.


D Birdsell


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