All things work together for good for those who love God   2 comments

Jane Pollak Blog – Need Inspiration – Watch Doreen Birdsell Speak

I’ve heard it said that you should consider yourself blessed if you have at least five friends in your life that you know you can count on … I call these my five finger friends.

Jane Pollak is one of them.  Today she featured me on her blog for my recent marathon of speeches at Toastmasters to quality for a speech contest here in Sarasota.  I joined Toastmasters in October back in CT because of Jane’s suggestion to hone my gift as a speaker.  She didn’t mention that in her blog – but to me personally she said,  “God gets the credit – I am just the messenger” – and what a messenger she is.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more motivated or impassioned by anything else in my life — and there’s much about what I do in my life that “I” love — but this is this first time I’ve ever felt that speaking is what I was born to do and now understand when people say they felt a call on their life … in my case God spoke through many loved ones – my ever supportive partner, Lisa and friends both new and old.  Finally, I listened and it’s what I think about waking and sleeping.

Thank you Jane for bringing me to this threshold — and to all my friends, for your support on my new journey to becoming an inspirational speaker. 

2 responses to “All things work together for good for those who love God

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  1. You go girl!!!!! Isn’t funny how everyone else knows of our calling before we do. It is so easy to see in others as it has been for all of us to see that you you.



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