God Saves the Day – and as long as I show up the evidence of the Spirit’s presence will always become amazingly known in ways that are incredible   Leave a comment

Last night , in a big-top tented event on the water in Greenwich, CT, I had the greatest honor and privilege to be the keynote speaker for the Annual Fundraiser for the  Child Guidance Center of CT. Their amazing team of professionals provide help to over 2,000 children and their families that have suffered all types of abuse and trauma.  The black-tie affair was an amazing experience attended by almost 300 supporters and corporate sponsors. As a photographer I’ve attended countless high end events but this was by far one of the finest  –  I am still in awe that I was there as their keynote speaker. —  I told my story of child sexual abuse, my family’s denial, the pain, and the eventual self abuse, and then recovery with professional help –  The theme of the event was Superheroes. Ironically, as a child, my hero was Superman who I would dream would come to save me and fly me away.  The outpour of their appreciation was astounding – The first contribution after my speech, via a paddle raise, from an audience member was $15,000, and then went on, upwards to almost $100,000 to be contributed to the Child Guidance Center – I am so grateful that these types of organizations exist to help children heal and avert a life of pain and shame. I’m also so grateful that God has called me to do this work now as an inspirational speaker – I’ll be posting a link soon, for those that would like to see and hear the speech – And thank you too my friends as we follow each other through our life’s ups and downs, from woes to wows –


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