The Ways of God are So Beyond Me   1 comment

In my partner, Lisa’s quest to have a tea room to teach, sell, and promote her new loose leaf tea line, at our Inn at Cook Street, I finally stepped out as a fine art photographer with her urging. Originally, I was unsure about this and wondered if it was the right thing for me to do. After all, land and seascape was a passion. My profession as a photographer was always people.  Very often the very thing we’re meant to do is met with resistance – and sometimes I don’t know if it’s my will, God’s will, or just plain fear.

Life is short, and once I took the risk of producing the art, and seeing it hung in our new Tea Room setting – I saw that it was meant to be.

In the process, I discovered we’d need an art gallery license. Tonight, we went before the licensing board of Provincetown,  and we were approved for the art gallery ;0) — With an encouraging nod they said they’d be over to sample some tea at the Triangle Tea Room and Birdsell Gallery soon  –

We are all in, and God has been faithful to be our guide –


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