Being Visible   2 comments

Steeping out on a shore where I’ve never been before —

I started this category, “Spiritual Impressions” on my blog because of a sudden call to write poetry. It has now become mostly all I publish. One morning a poem rose up within me and I wrote it down — then ran outside to take a photo of the moon that I thought might compliment the words.  The experience illuminated my spirit with connection that was more powerful than prayers I had ever uttered in thought or word. The next day a poem came again and each day thereafter. It gave me purpose that I longed for.  Some days the photos inspired the words and other days the words would send me searching for the right image. That first poem and picture was in February  2011.

My profession as a photographer always supported me; mostly photographing people — and I’ve always said how blessed I am to be make a living doing what I love. With much encouragement I’ve selected images,  some with words inscribed, that are taking on a new life to be sold as fine art photography. We’ve been granted an art gallery license at the Inn at Cook Street and now I’m stepping out further to the MacMillan Wharf in Provincetown in a rented space.  We never know where the road will lead until we take the first step on it. Selling my work as fine art images has not been what I would call a planned venture but rather a spiritual work that has unfolded.

The word encouragement is to invoke courage which is what I needed to publicly put myself out there with something I’ve never done before.  I am so grateful for the encouragement from my spouse, Lisa, and that one of her greatest spiritual gifts is encouragement.  Life is short and only getting shorter  — and I want the best of what God is, in me, to be revealed — I tell myself today, “Doreen, you only get one “first”  … So take it in … and let the Spirit out …

Thank you for sharing the journey with me … and may you be encouraged to share your gifts too —17506_658543737493216_1529256603_n

2 responses to “Being Visible

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly that with the time we have available to us, (and indeed, it is getting shorter) that one of our primary goals should be that of encouraging as many people as we can. Right on!


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