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Having a Good Perspective   Leave a comment

Had such a wonderful time with one of my best buds and nephew Stanley who I rarely get to see. On my way to the train station in Westport, drop him off, the sunroof in my ’11 BMW 328 just exploded – Now I know for sure there’s some powerful good energy between us :-). We are blessed and grateful to have been protected by the inside shade that was closed – Stanley didn’t miss his train and we had a day that neither of us will soon forget –
“All things work together for good for those who love God.”


Through Someone Else’s Eyes   Leave a comment

Photographed by my partner and love – Lisa

Her words: Doreen loves her gallery on the wharf! I’m not so sure about the shirt.

My words:

In the day to day activity of running a business or especially starting something new

We often lose perspective of even where we are, and what it is we do

I’m so grateful for this picture that wasn’t mine to take

To take a breath, not run a race

Thank God for all, and most of all,1Wharfl have faith

Dis-a-Pier   Leave a comment

~Dis – a – pier~

Sitting, standing, pacing, chatting

Across the bay Boston versus New York batting  

Waiting, wanting, legs crossed, fingers tapping

They stop, they stare, they even seem to care

They read my Spirit’s sentiments

And pay me with their compliments

The harbor rises, then it falls

The churning, changing tides, they hypnotize

The winds lick white the water’s curl

How can it be they cannot see

I grow tired of this waiting game

They leave as quickly as they came

I sit, I ponder, and I wonder, what is this meant to be

Where I stand, or sit, and chat

The Spirit stands with me



What are our priorities? — There is never any shortage of things to pray for   Leave a comment

These are current New York  Times headlines that are running back to back – 

Report Finds Gradual Fall in Female Genital Cutting in Africa


Royal Family Says Duchess of Cambridge Is in Labor

The Lede: Royal Baby Watch

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You Lead We Follow   Leave a comment

You’ve already prepared tomorrow

God’s got a plan

We have a purpose

Thank you Holy Spirit for the signs along the way

To trust and have faith in You today







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I pray never to take anything in God’s creation for granted   Leave a comment

I can never get my fill of the beauty of the flower’s spell

Everywhere I turn today another tilts her head my way






Time Takes Time   3 comments

We were in such a hurry to get to where we thought we needed to be

We hardly noticed the scenery

We were either too tired, too wired

Or so fried that we cried

We couldn’t go back

And it hurt to go on

We couldn’t sell what we had fought so hard to buy

Yet we were hopeful, not damned

Just in need of a plan

What would we do if we didn’t do this

So we prayed

Help us God

What would be best

Why does this seem like a difficult test

The answer came slowly

It was something like this

Do what you love – Just pour out your gifts

Then you will see that your burden will lift

It has taken a while to get past the curve

Not have a false grin but real joy from within

No one knows what tomorrow will bring

But we’ll face it with faith and not with chagrin

We simply do our best

And let God do the rest




Eyes of God

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