Time Takes Time   3 comments

We were in such a hurry to get to where we thought we needed to be

We hardly noticed the scenery

We were either too tired, too wired

Or so fried that we cried

We couldn’t go back

And it hurt to go on

We couldn’t sell what we had fought so hard to buy

Yet we were hopeful, not damned

Just in need of a plan

What would we do if we didn’t do this

So we prayed

Help us God

What would be best

Why does this seem like a difficult test

The answer came slowly

It was something like this

Do what you love – Just pour out your gifts

Then you will see that your burden will lift

It has taken a while to get past the curve

Not have a false grin but real joy from within

No one knows what tomorrow will bring

But we’ll face it with faith and not with chagrin

We simply do our best

And let God do the rest




Eyes of God

3 responses to “Time Takes Time

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  1. you seem to be overqualified for the Liebster Award, but i still nominated you. If you feel like reading more here’s the link http://kintal.wordpress.com/


  2. Reblogged this on Doreen Birdsell Blog and commented:

    Perfect for today – When we say “This too shall pass…” doesn’t mean that that a similar situation may not return….But rather give us experience that fosters new hope for the next time the words, “This too shall pass … are a comfort again…


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