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Finding Answers to Prayers   Leave a comment

A few days ago my partner, Lisa and I prayed together, as we often do and I asked God for a sign that would be specific for us both.


Later in the day I saw two ripe and furry peaches lying on the seashell sidewalk next to the pavement. Immediately I knew my morning prayer was heard.


So much depends upon how we perceive the signs that are everywhere in order for us to be a witness of the Spirit’s presence.  Everything is in God’s hands and  in God’s good time, it will all turn out just peachy .


The Greatest Cargos in Life Come in On Quiet Seas   Leave a comment

Where am I without Your presence

Not knowing You are near

Existing only, lonely

Nothing worldly satisfies

Out of darkness, softly silent

You appear

Heart cannot contain my gladness

Freed imprisoned tears, holy water

Falling droplets, dripping downward

Salted air, caressing Spirits

Wanting only to linger always with You there

One day soon I know this joy of Oneness

Will forever be, eternity





The Heaven’s Declare …   Leave a comment

So grateful for the days of summer

Filled with life and light and color

Today a glimpse

One day forever





Contemplations   Leave a comment

I’m not my hair

I’m not my watch

I’m not the rings I wear


I don’t compare

Don’t need a clock

Cause I have no time to spare


It isn’t how I look

But rather how I see

All the  people, plants, and bugs, and creatures that we’ve  named


If there’s something wrong, it’s us who are to blame

Because with pen and word and deed

We all can make it change



I'm Not My Hair

To Be Continued   Leave a comment

I sit only inches from where my work is sold

Little do they know, that I am here, just beyond the door

And when they realize that they’re not alone

Some quickly turn away


Remarks are varied and quite extreme

How Beautiful; Phenomenal; some may say

My poems inscribed on photo art are even read aloud


Others laugh when they see the price

As though my time and talent’s free

Underneath it all I think some wish that they were me


Oh God may I be convicted

Of my thoughts that then become my words

Heard or not, opinions have the power to build up, or the force to tear one down


I’ll stay the course

I’ve paid the rent

I have stamina that’s still unspent

If this is what God has brought me to

I’ll trust the Holy Spirit to help me see it through




The Tourist   Leave a comment

Wandering and wondering
Perceiving passers by
As souls called tourists
Aimless in their mental mist
Empty of their busy-ness
The sun seduced
The hands of clock
Replaced by appetites
Or light and dark
Nothing bidding
Stress free living
Momentarily escaped
The world of work
People, pets, and luggage rolling
I pray they still can hear
The Mighty Spirit calling


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Hamstrung with Slow, and Sometimes No Internet or Cell   Leave a comment

I stop, I wait,

Nothing seems to flow

In the hallway, the Spiritual sign I’d seek

Would definitely and simply just say, Go

But the one I get in all I seem to do

Only says, Go Slow!

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