For Those who Seek the Spirit More will be Revealed   Leave a comment

    In my early waking moments today I made a particularly conscious prayer – to be kind – Kindness is one of the nine fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22) which I needed to ripen after snapping at my partner the night before and being downright cranky.

    I could have prayed for patience, compassion, renewed energy – all of which I needed – but the prayer was simply, “Help me to be kind.”

    About an hour later I was getting ready for the day and to face the world again. Part of my daily routine is to choose a scroll from our scripture box of over a hundred tightly rolled verses that feed my heart, and soul, and mind everyday. This is the one I was led to select. The specificity of the Spirit’s response to my prayer in this verse bolstered my faith, which I pray often, for God to increase.

    I am continuously amazed by the countless evidence of God’s presence, love, and infinite kindness toward all those who seek to know the ways of the Spirit.





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