In God I trust – In God whose word I praise – I will not be afraid – What can mere mortals do to me – Psalm 56:4   2 comments

So many of us look for signs – or have that one thing that calls out to us as the evidence of what we’re seeking – For some it’s feathers, others it may be ladybugs, or coins.

For me it is the U.S. coin – particularly for its inscription – In God We Trust –

I’ve come to expand upon it every time I excitedly reach to pick it up, as I trust it is meant for me. In my palm I hold it tight, and begin to recite – “Oh God in You I give my trust – In You whose word I praise – I will not be afraid.”

This morning, after a long six days away – after having been given the privilege to speak at the Planetree Annual Conference in Montreal – I sat sipping my morning brew and there waiting for me to find it, was a coin hiding under a nearby chair.

To my knees I often fall as I recall the presence of my Savior.

The evidence of Your love
The remembrance of Your care
I need no longer to fear
Oh great and wonderful God … You are here






2 responses to “In God I trust – In God whose word I praise – I will not be afraid – What can mere mortals do to me – Psalm 56:4

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  1. Feeling like a beggar and useless, lilies smashed along with my heart, clothes torn, sense of direction gone out the window; I need a new compass.
    * laughs*
    I have learned many things, still more I’ve yet to. As the world seems to crumble around me, there is one thing so deeply embedded within that nothing and no one can take away; my light through it all… love. And somehow as I ponder my due, I cheer up a bit knowing… yes knowing, life is so wonderful because I see Him in it.


    • So grateful for your comment — to know that you are seeing God through it all — and in it all — It’s during my worst times that with God, it has been my best times — In God in whom my love and trust has deepened — In it all and through it all — All we have, and all we need, is God who brought us here and will see us through and take us home again 😉 My prayers and God’s blessings on you –


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