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“God bless you,” I said to the woman in the parking booth who pointed to where I needed to take a ticket before proceeding.

I had taken care of my business in about fifteen minutes and was headed toward the exit. The same woman at the booth took my validated ticket, but before I could thank her she lit up with a bright smile and said, “You have no idea how far your ‘God bless you’ went with me and how much I needed it…. Thank you so much…and God bless you!” came these words, almost like a song, from this petite, glowing, brown-faced, twenty something, parking attendant, with her short, shiny bowl cut hair-do …  who now looked as though she was ready to conquer anything or anyone – newly armed with her joyful spirit.

I asked her name.

”Angie,” she said, smiling out loud.

 “Angie… I said slowly. Our eyes locked momentarily as though acknowledging our spiritual sameness. “I’m so glad you told me how much that blessing helped you,” I said. “Now I’m going to add to that – with prayers for you today, Angie.”

Delight overtook us both.

I drove out to the street, with a prayer on my heart for her and with my spirit so lifted that it seemed to become the more important reason for my visit to that office building.

 “Angie,” I thought, “Maybe it’s short for Angel.”




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  1. LOVE these God Moments. Beautiful story.


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