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As a self-employed person I’ve had to go through the rigors of what the future of health insurance will look like, cost wise, and coverage wise.

After much research and conversations with our health insurance agent about the extreme hikes in insurance costs and for far less coverage, we finally select a plan that seems like it will fit our needs. I receive an email stating that the application is approved.

Thinking I could now move on and navigate the next obstacle or thing to do – I receive a voicemail from the new insurance company asking me to call them back because they have some questions.

My first thoughts, race to – “Why … Is there a problem?”… And immediately, I steal back the questions that start running, that I myself cannot answer, which are only seeds for fear and worry.

I pick up the phone to dial and respond to the voice that answers.

“I’m returning a call about my health care application.”

I can’t quite understand what the other person is saying…so I have to ask again.

“Excuse me …?” I ask.

“This is a church ministry,” he says politely.

“A church ministry? — That’s exactly what I need.”

He laughs with a genuine tone of merriment.

“I’m so grateful for what you do and I don’t think I’ve gotten a wrong number.” 

We bless each other in our good-byes and I re-listen to my voicemail to get the phone number of the insurance company I’m trying to reach.

The area code I originally dialed was 800  – The insurance company’s area code was 888 – the following seven digits were both the same.


It then occurs to me that the numbers 888 are the spiritual numbers that represent Christ Jesus the Messiah –



– Insurance that I really need is the one that insures for peace –




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