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This is Not Phoney   Leave a comment

I had forgotten my phone, so when she stepped out of the car, I asked her to give me hers so I could look something up. Intentionally, I stopped to take in my surroundings – and decided not to use the IPhone as my time-filler default, while I waited for Lisa to come out of the store.

Before I drifted away by surfing the web, or to open an app to write a note, I glanced to my right and noticed my neighbors, parked alongside our vehicle. They were clinging to their devices too – So, of course, I used mine to photograph theirs.

I’m reminded that it requires discipline to resist what may be a distraction – and instead use quiet, and alone time as opportunities to be still, to pray, and to meditate –

What might happen? I’m listening.



Forgive Me God, For Thinking You Would Let Me Fall Off the Edge   Leave a comment

I have dotted my I’s

I have crossed my T’s

I have fallen to my knees

With my petitions and my pleas


Sometimes God, I feel so tested

Exercising faith, my Spirit’s muscles burn

Like a marathoner’s final mile

The finish line so close, seems impossible to reach


Doubting strength, and Your desire

To help me in this race

Please arm me for the battle

To combat rising fear


Then suddenly, it seems

Out of nowhere, You appear

And just as suddenly, I realize

Renewed and greater faith is the grander prize


More apparent to me then, is this

What matters most is not the prayer that’s finally answered

Or the fear that’s been assailed

It is with patience Your Spirit’s power grows much greater, and humbly, so does my faith



Forgive me God1

Without This Gift I Could Appreciate No Other   Leave a comment

God has truly blessed those of us who have clarity of mind today, health in body, and liveliness of Spirit because of the precious gift of sobriety.



It’s a Beautiful Day   3 comments

Today I woke without uncertainty –

Believe me when I tell you this:

She rose in me, and sang to me


‘It’s a beautiful day’


Fleeing bed

Toes tap, in my fleece lined slippers

Lips curl upward


‘It’s a beautiful day’


An observer of myself

I note this unfamiliar awakening


‘It’s a beautiful day’


This moment is my Spirit’s

She holds the unseen strings 

That suspend the corners of her mouth


I gladly turn it over

For she creates

A billboard of a smile


‘It’s a beautiful day’


Soon others will wake

The day will break

This gift can soon be shared


‘It’s a beautiful day’








It's A Beautiful DaySigned

Black Ice   1 comment

So soft the soil, I made for thee

For ease of path, for creature’s comfort

For food, and for a cushion


The craggy rocks and mountain heights so pleasing to the eye

Provoke ambition, to seek Me out from risen peaks

Some whose heights are hidden by the clouds


But from you, my children

I have never hid

Even though so much of what I’ve done; you undid


Paths smoothed out by deer, and trees to house the swallow

Now covered, blackened thick by roads that crumble

Ice slicks go unseen on your recreated surface


How many must fall and stumble

Seeking speed across the tundra

What you name as progress, now a hazard


Crying out to Me, you call for help

Bewildered why this world is thus

Souls in strife as though it’s them or us


All you see is yours to keep

To preserve and live in peace

This gift is yours; it’s been unwrapped


One day all that is, will be as it should

Returned made whole

For I Am Good







Transformations   Leave a comment

The snow it’s melting not

Instead it’s giving all its got

Dying on the inside

Melting on the outside

Frozen fast

Protected not

The sun a steady blast

Its life; it cannot last

It’s raining snowfall tears




When Hardships are Really a Blessing   Leave a comment

Got home late this afternoon in CT. It was forty degrees in the house.  Heat had gone off…Who knows when?  We had been gone for five days.

Thank God nothing froze except us waiting for the house to warm up. I have great compassion tonight for those who have no home and whose best means of staying warm is next to an open fire on a cold winter’s night.

How blessed are we to flip a switch and have a fire – to turn a faucet and draw a hot bath – and know the situation is only temporary – A hot dinner, a cup of licorice rooibos, and five hours later we’re up to 68 degrees – Humble and most grateful this cold winter’s night –



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