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Black Ice   1 comment

So soft the soil, I made for thee

For ease of path, for creature’s comfort

For food, and for a cushion


The craggy rocks and mountain heights so pleasing to the eye

Provoke ambition, to seek Me out from risen peaks

Some whose heights are hidden by the clouds


But from you, my children

I have never hid

Even though so much of what I’ve done; you undid


Paths smoothed out by deer, and trees to house the swallow

Now covered, blackened thick by roads that crumble

Ice slicks go unseen on your recreated surface


How many must fall and stumble

Seeking speed across the tundra

What you name as progress, now a hazard


Crying out to Me, you call for help

Bewildered why this world is thus

Souls in strife as though it’s them or us


All you see is yours to keep

To preserve and live in peace

This gift is yours; it’s been unwrapped


One day all that is, will be as it should

Returned made whole

For I Am Good







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