It’s a Beautiful Day   3 comments

Today I woke without uncertainty –

Believe me when I tell you this:

She rose in me, and sang to me


‘It’s a beautiful day’


Fleeing bed

Toes tap, in my fleece lined slippers

Lips curl upward


‘It’s a beautiful day’


An observer of myself

I note this unfamiliar awakening


‘It’s a beautiful day’


This moment is my Spirit’s

She holds the unseen strings 

That suspend the corners of her mouth


I gladly turn it over

For she creates

A billboard of a smile


‘It’s a beautiful day’


Soon others will wake

The day will break

This gift can soon be shared


‘It’s a beautiful day’








It's A Beautiful DaySigned

3 responses to “It’s a Beautiful Day

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  1. Super-dooper fantastic view! 🙂 Cheerz, Uncle Tree


    • Thank you again Uncle Tree
      Merry Christmas to a kindred spirit –
      Appreciating your imagery and faith filled sentiments 😉
      God bless you more 😉


  2. Reblogged this on Doreen Birdsell Blog.


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