Forgive Me God, For Thinking You Would Let Me Fall Off the Edge   Leave a comment

I have dotted my I’s

I have crossed my T’s

I have fallen to my knees

With my petitions and my pleas


Sometimes God, I feel so tested

Exercising faith, my Spirit’s muscles burn

Like a marathoner’s final mile

The finish line so close, seems impossible to reach


Doubting strength, and Your desire

To help me in this race

Please arm me for the battle

To combat rising fear


Then suddenly, it seems

Out of nowhere, You appear

And just as suddenly, I realize

Renewed and greater faith is the grander prize


More apparent to me then, is this

What matters most is not the prayer that’s finally answered

Or the fear that’s been assailed

It is with patience Your Spirit’s power grows much greater, and humbly, so does my faith



Forgive me God1

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