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But Do You Love Mom?   5 comments

This morning as I was spending quiet time reflecting on my current circumstances and trying to reconcile the good of it all, I thought of the scripture verse that reads, “All things work together for good for those who love God…” Romans 8:28 That led me to wonder about those who barely believe there is a God at all. I then recalled the following wonderful example of the conversation between the twins in the womb discussing the existence of Mom.

~~~“Mother???? But you don’t believe in a mother, do you? Where is she?”

“She is here, all around us. We are and we live within her and through her. Without her we couldn’t exist at all!”

“Nonsense! I’ve never sensed a mother, consequently she doesn’t exist.”

“Yes, sometimes, when we are very quiet you can hear her sing, or feel how she caresses our world.” ~~~

There is still a bridge to cross after believing in God … to get to the “All things work together for good for those who LOVE God” part.

My experience has been that after I first believed, as an adult, and consciously admitted my faith (belief) in God; I experienced God’s love to enter and fill my heart. In time I was able to acknowledge the Spiritual love and goodness of God in all things – Then, and only then, could I begin my humble journey of not just believing in God but loving God in return, with gratitude for everything in my life, including the pain and hardship, and for the life which is to come.

My faith is believing that “All things do work together for good for those who love God,” because I trust that God … my Mom-God knows what She is doing …

The conversation between the twins ends like this:

“You are crazy! Nobody ever came back after birth. Life is over with birth. That’s it.”

“I admit that nobody knows what life after birth will look like. But I do know that we will see our mother then, and that she will take care of us.”



But Do You Love Mom

Having faith doesn’t mean not having fear – Often they live side by side   Leave a comment

When the only solace seems to be

The promise of a new life in eternity

When there is nothing left to lose

A true and fearless faith returns regained





I’m not there yet … but I know God is both here with me now on this undecided shore, and at the same time faithfully watching and waiting for me in that place of victory where I soon hope to be …   Leave a comment


Victory may be a stone’s throw away

But first we have to pick up the stone, and then throw it…


Measuring the distance between here and a successful outcome …

Nothing happens in this lifetime without our participation

First we see – focus on our vision

How long … Set the clock

Execute … Faith with Works


We’re not done yet — Most important, is not what we receive, but what we give – This is the fruit of our labor as well…




In All Things Be Thankful  – For this is the will of God concerning us …  1 Thessalonians 5:1

Stone's ThrowSigned

Breaking the Dam of Fear and Doubt   Leave a comment

Prayers unanswered do not mean “no”

But when God says yes

It’s time to trust

The stream will flow

When we let go





On the Right Track   Leave a comment

Oh God I’m holding on to you
White letting go of fear
Faith in You keeps us all on the right track



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Material vs. Spiritual Priorities   Leave a comment

Don’t wait until you are down to your last;

To make God first




If God is For Us, Who (- or What -) Could Stand Against Us   Leave a comment

As I Await a Winter to Bury me Deep

In Ice and Cold and Wintry Sleep

In Darkest Days when most anticipate her Storms

Surrendering to Whatever Is

Powerless, she Thaws

Suddenly, a Welcome Friend

Not one in which I can Depend

But Gratefully, I will Embrace

Her current fluctuating State

Thin Ice may only Support the Fallen Leaf

While Faith Upholds the weak by Sheer Belief






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