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Today I was delivering a speech at a Toastmasters Conference Contest.
It was a great opportunity for me to break through, during what has been a trying time, and air a new speech. This would be the first time my topic would focus on faith, spirit, the power of believing positively, and how much God loves us. Also, I would share my personal commitment and passion to be a faith speaker and, if God’s call for me is to be a messenger to His people, so be it.

The drive to Hartford, CT took an hour and a half and I began to think that I would have a very diverse audience, in a very corporate setting. I hoped that my message would hit home in the hearts of those that would hear me, since my experience has been that these events are most often in business-like and professional settings. I was praying to remain peaceful, and steady.

My GPS said the destination was 350′ away, yet there were no office buildings in sight. When I looked at the sign at the driveway, it read United Church of Christ, and the main event was taking place in the sanctuary. I laughed, and thanked God for giving me the assurance I needed, and the gift of knowing the Spirit’s presence.

God knows when our intentions are pure and makes for us a path to follow with confidence.

After my speech people came over to thank me and to talk longer about God and our spiritual journeys. Another very special woman gifted me with a set of rosary beads and told me they were blessed. I drove home excited about my new journey, while glancing at the white rosary beads now hanging from my rear view mirror.



Posted January 11, 2014 by doreenbirdsell in Spiritual Impressions

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