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When time with God is wisely spent – The return is love and confidence   Leave a comment

A shallow pounding, pulsing deep within

Clinging to a fading faith

Resisting urges to dissolve

A vulnerable soul, rekindles pain


Questions worth, and doubts one’s love

The race is on, to the distant past

Presenting proof to justify 

Conjure sleeping demons’ lies


An inner screech like humming voltage rises

The language of unrest

This twisted gift of memory

Makes of itself an enemy


Its muscles strain to reclaim thought

Rewired by Your grace

Re-sorting false impressions compounded by the past

Praying now to find You; trusting this shall pass



Love is All We Need   4 comments

I was about to write about self-care – because today I spent more on intimate apparel than I could have ever planned.  My partner, Lisa was there to encourage me – nightwear, lingerie on sale ;), and even a bathing suit – It was so much fun, so rewarding, and I had the luxury of being fitted 😉 … Perhaps this will be a more elaborate post another day because nothing could have prepared me for the vulnerable intimacy expressed in this post by my beautiful partner, Lisa, who is on her way to being fifty and more fabulous – I am so blessed … We all deserve to be loved and to shout it from the rooftops…


From Lisa:

Day 3 on my way to ( 50 & Fabulous ) Today was a fun filled day that even included a shopping spree with Doreen! My wife! I never imagined when we met 21 years ago in a Bible Study in the East Village that we would be together never mind be legally married! I am and have been so very very blessed to share the past 20 years with this amazing beautiful woman. Only God could have knit us together in the love we know in our hearts and spirits. Through valleys and deserts, up mountain tops and over oceans, we have grown to love deeper. We fan each others flames with gentleness and patience and have never given up on our hopes. We built dreams and have embraced painful losses. 20 years this human being has loved me unconditionally. We laugh all the time till our tummy’s hurt. And oh the Mets & Jets…I could have never come to know the spiritual riches I am so filled with today if it weren’t for you Doreen. Lets keep dreaming!!


The Lifeguard   Leave a comment

To find some gratification

To satisfy a voracious vacuum

A bottomless hole

Lined with walls of anxiety


Groaning fear and nagging doubt, begging for relief

Over-indulgence…A quick remedy?

Disguised to satisfy, only to camouflage its lies

Unquenchably feeding on itself


Blinded and misled, on mindless autopilot

Consequences unconsidered, led by fruitless wants

She finally tires of herself

Exhausted by rioting free will; the conscience rises


Holy Spirit’s proclamation throbbing in the chambers of my heart

Faith, and hope, and love, and trust nurtures soul, restores new life

Her truth abolishes the lie

From pools of love that promise never to run dry





I’m Holding On to You   Leave a comment

In the middle of the night

When courage has taken flight

I’m holding on to You


When there’s nothing left to bemoan

And I am standing all alone

I’ll be here holding on – holding on to You


In darkness I seek Your face

I’m fighting for more faith

With all that I’ve got – I’m holding on to You


When darkness turns to light

And I’ve made it through the night

I’ll cling to precious peace – by holding on to You


I’ll use this day, like it’s my last

I’ll seek You in the day, not just in the night

With hands and open heart


Speak Your truth from mountains high, not just whispers deep inside

Your purposes made known

Proving we are not alone


I stand – Holding on to You

I pray – Holding on to You

I love – Holding on to You

I'm Holding On to You

Finding Peace   Leave a comment

When I am emptied …

Made completely void of self-serving ways and wants

This searching, ever-seeking soul can finally be

One in Spirit with some semblance of serenity


Peace, an illusive friend

Returns to roost

Until, from the nest again I fall
To learn to grow in faith and fly



B&W Sunset

It’s a Beautiful Day   Leave a comment

Doreen Birdsell Blog

Today I woke without uncertainty –

Believe me when I tell you this:

She rose in me, and sang to me

‘It’s a beautiful day’

Fleeing bed

Toes tap, in my fleece lined slippers

Lips curl upward

‘It’s a beautiful day’


An observer of myself

I note this unfamiliar awakening

‘It’s a beautiful day’


This moment is my Spirit’s

She holds the unseen strings 

That suspend the corners of her mouth

I gladly turn it over

For she creates

A billboard of a smile

‘It’s a beautiful day’

Soon others will wake

The day will break

This gift can soon be shared

‘It’s a beautiful day’


It's A Beautiful DaySigned

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Because with God All Things are Possible   Leave a comment

Hope is patient waiting

For desires yet to be

At break of day, or blinding noon, or coolness of a midnight moon


Just beyond my grasp; the molecules still forming

Created by a word, then thought, and deeds that lay the brick

God paves the path with love by grace; the mortar is our faith


Heron Moon

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