Hungry for Change   Leave a comment

Last week when my struggling-to-get-ahead nephew asked me for advice, I recommended this book, The Greatest Salesman, by Og Mandino. I had read it in the early 80s and to this day, the author’s life-changing messages still remain with me.

My nephew’s appetite for changing his circumstances was so voracious that he digested the book almost overnight. He asked if I had any other advice and I recommended reading The Greatest Miracle by the same author.

Today I sat across from a car salesman whom my partner Lisa was dealing with to potentially make a purchase. On his desk was the same book. I haven’t seen a copy of this book anywhere in years.

I had to take his picture and tell him the story about my nephew. Deranty, the car salesman, asked me to write down the name of the book that I suggested my nephew should read as a follow-up, so he too could continue to reap more benefits.

I love hungry people. Hungry for change… Hungry to be better… The seekers… This is how I see the world becoming a better place… And how I see the Spirit demonstrating the evidence of God at work.



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