Today I was asked – Which one of these qualities is the most important in leadership: INTELLIGENCE, HONESTY, CREATIVITY, DISCIPLINE, or PASSION   Leave a comment


Above all, I had to answer — HONESTY


What came first to mind was faith–

How honesty was imperative

‘To be honest to my call’


Then, of course, there’s family

One love, and partner knowing me, unlike any other

Two Spirits safe to mingle in a transparent blend of love and trust


Donna, my dear and only sister, I considered next

Too soon and much too sudden, her Spirit left this earth

Leaving an adoring daughter, and two wounded, loving sons


I believe they look to me, as an anchor for their souls

Hoping that somewhere inside

They’ll catch a glimpse of her


Little do they know, that also, so do I

I see Donna in my hands sometimes, as if they were her own

And catch her in a phrase I’ve spoken, that somehow seems not mine


(Love can be so many things; one of which is honesty

Giving us the courage

To finally embrace ourselves; and see the soul within our eyes)


And lastly there’s my work

The work that I so love

Photography, now poetry


Both vehicles of expression

For my heart to find its rest, or is it flight

Freed by love and honesty




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