The Gift of Friendship   Leave a comment

“The whole of the holy life is good friends.”

The Buddha to his cousin Ananda


Kathleen and I met 28 years ago. We are still trudging the road of happy destiny together, but often from afar.


A true friend is our greatest asset – especially valued when we meet after long periods of absence. It is as if there was never a gap.


I believe that’s what it will be like the moment we find ourselves back home in heaven; when we can meet God, and Jesus Christ face to face, and all of what has been out of sight – As though we have never been apart.


With love there is no time and never is there an absence.


God, who is Love, is ever-present, and lives always in the hearts of those who want to be in relationship with our Creator.


I just sometimes seem to forget that, until the moment when once again a never-lost friendship takes up right from where it left off, and love finds a place to grow even more.



The Gift of Friendship

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