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After an incredible six weeks resting, recuperating, and vacationing, after having sold our business of eight years owning a bed-and-breakfast in Provincetown – We are off – My partner Lisa, and I, are headed back to the north, and to Provincetown again to begin a new venture, “Get Loose” in Provincetown Fine Tea and Fine Art.

I used to think that once we sold our B&B, the Inn at Cook Street, the only sight I would care to see would be Provincetown in my rear view mirror. I couldn’t wait to be done and off to live in Sarasota, Florida where I would live in the sunshine, and continue my life-long career as a photographer, more recently as a poet, and pursue a new career as an inspirational speaker.

It seems God has a different way, via Provincetown again. I think of the Israelites who wandered in the desert forty years to get to the place, within and without, that God needed them to be ready for.

God willing I will see Sarasota again at the end of the coming season when the trail comes to another end and more of what God has in store is revealed.

Combining our passions – It’s a new day, and a new adventure awaits with every breath I get to take. Grateful for the freedom to embark on this new journey as the woman God continues to refine. Living fully whole, visible to all, with nothing to hide, and no one to fear – “If God is for us, who could be against us.” Romans 8:31

Happy, fruitful trails to you all,


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