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Longing for what had been so out of reach, now within her grasp; hope’s victory satisfied!

Yet in its place remains this empty space that yearning once occupied


Heart hollows out a tomb

Where vibrations of a lowly tone resonate with sadness


She finds no rest in the promised faith; that substance of things hoped for

So great a longing now made complete has left her in a vacuous state


Withholding self to sink her teeth into what might not be

God’s good and perfect will for thee


For it is nature to stay busy – (industrious, one thinks)

With well thought out investments of time and energy


In fellowship with God and earthly angels, with gratitude to have come this far

She’ll pause for just a while


For patience has its own reward while waiting for hope’s return

Make peace with stillness, embrace the gift, that exists in the here and now




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