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Jesus, My New Friend   Leave a comment

– During a spiritual retreat that I’ve been participating in for the past few weeks, I was asked to speak to Jesus as though He were my friend and listen for his reply – I always talk to God, my Higher Power, and pray in Jesus’ name, but don’t recall ever having a conversation that has been solely to Jesus except to simply say, thank you. Like most relationships it’s developing day by day as I continue to stay in touch –


I think it would be incredible to have You as a friend

I’d allow myself to have more fun – and live with far less fear

I want to be so much more conscious of Your being near

To see you in all that’s living

Even in the breeze on leaves of trees that wave hello

Your breath that wakes them shaking, waving, swaying

Saying, Hey there, notice me


Look around at all the wonder

And don’t be so surprised

I’ve always been here with you, ‘round you, in you

Like lightning, thunder, rain, and sun

Stick with me — we’ve just begun

My love for you is wondrous – spectacular and divine


It’s not all work and ritual

It’s amazing when we’re One

I’m not saying things don’t get difficult

Or that suffering won’t come

But let me walk you through it

There’s nothing that together, we cannot overcome



Jesus, My FriendFB

An Overdue Letter   Leave a comment

I cannot let a week go by without leaving a reply

Each day You send Your love, Your mercy, and Your grace

In return I send my prayers, petitions, and more pleas

To rescue earth from human ignorance, and sometimes from myself

Oh God, what will it take for all of us to trust Your plan and live in perfect peace


I miss my dog, I love my wife

I have what others might see as an enchanted life

I’ve been blessed beyond belief

They cannot see or know concerns

That are only known by You


I love to be inspired – to write to You my love

You, my Maker, make of me, what You would have me be

Enough for You, and to share with others too

With kindness and with compassion

To be pleasing in Your sight

And now I pray to sleep in peace

With all my love, I say good-night



An Overdue letter

Living Dreams – Being Self Employed   Leave a comment

Whatever your dreams are – plant them and they will grow.  Oftentimes, not the way you had first perceived them – but not living a dream is denying yourself and others as to what is possible.


Circa 1984 – Film to tape transfer (thousands of miles of it) – This is how I counted my sober days in the beginning, and the frames – In business with Gemma (aka Carol) Tummolo – Spectrum Light Productions – Film to tape transfer – There was only one other company doing this back in the day when there wasn’t even a yellow pages heading in the NYC phone book for Video –  (The only local information resource at the time;) – I had said one day while basking on the beach at Riis Park in Far Rockaway, NY – Hey Carol – You’re a film editor and I’m a photographer – That equals video…don’t you think? 😉 –



circa 1984

We Both Had a Ball   2 comments

I have reflected on this moment more times than I can count — 

It was like living out a Norman Rockwell scene.

Angel had special needs because she could not undo the damage inflicted on her as an abused pitbull because of the cruelty of others. We had to always be careful that where we walked her would be the least likely place to find other dogs – So, to have a freedom swim with her this day without a leash was a one and only .

I loved her with my whole heart —  Love demands nothing less – and freely gives everything in return.

~ You are now truly free my friend ~






The Power of Prayer   Leave a comment

Never discount the power of prayers

Invisible and lighter than air

They sustain the weight of all the world’s woes

Carried by Angels in Spiritual Satchels to be opened by the King


Upon the shoulders of our Creator these prayers rest

Not unanswered, or ignored

Time as we know time is not ours yet to fathom


Prayers like letters to Her Majesty

Some sealed by love; some by despair


Questions…There are many

Praise and worship, fills the satchels too

Yet spilling over are the prayers of souls who seek relief; that outnumber all the others


Tapping the storehouse of trust and faith in what will be

Pain and death still remains, a mystery




Power of Prayer

When We Least Expect It   Leave a comment

I ask God so very often to make the Spirit’s presence evident in my life — some how…in some way.


Then when I least expect it something happens – like a rainbow – No matter how often we see one – we stop whatever we are doing to take it in, and we’ll even prompt a stranger to look up.  It doubles our delight to share.


The other day – for some unknown reason – I became curious about the history of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”  I once heard that  it was a nursery rhyme in disguise about Jesus. My web search revealed much controversy with no definitiveness about its origins or the symbolism of Jesus, the lamb, and Mary, his mother.


Later that afternoon, after a spontaneous visit to Newport, RI, I came upon a farm that conserves unique breeds like this gentle and soulful Dorset Horn sheep from Britain.  Perhaps “Mary Had a Little Lamb” wasn’t intended to be about Jesus — but it led me to the evidence of the Spirit’s presence that day.




The vision of this creature  

Astounding as any rainbow ever seen


The presence of my Savior

In so many forms for me





Get Loose — and Get Steeped in Inspiration   Leave a comment

We’re almost ready ….

Please come visit us tomorrow, Sunday June 8th from 10am to 4pm. at the Westport, CT Historical Society’s Hidden Garden Tour’s Event on the Veteran’s Green across from Westport Town Hall

110 Myrtle Avenue, adjacent to the Westport Historical Society.


This will be our first time exhibiting together with  “Get Loose” Triangle Tea and “Steeped in Inspiration” fine art photography


Lisa’s Triangle Tea – Get Loose with the Tea that Changes Lives, and

Doreen’s Fine Art Photography with her new tea-table book of photography and poetry, “Steeped in Inspiration”


Sample some amazing artisan and organic teas … and be steeped in inspiration


Partial proceeds will benefit the urgent need to stop the ivory trade and to help the orphaned elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust –


If you cannot come, please visit our websites – You can also arrange to have a private tea tasting at your home or business – and you can donate directly at the above link to help our endangered majestic elephants –


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