When We Least Expect It   Leave a comment

I ask God so very often to make the Spirit’s presence evident in my life — some how…in some way.


Then when I least expect it something happens – like a rainbow – No matter how often we see one – we stop whatever we are doing to take it in, and we’ll even prompt a stranger to look up.  It doubles our delight to share.


The other day – for some unknown reason – I became curious about the history of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”  I once heard that  it was a nursery rhyme in disguise about Jesus. My web search revealed much controversy with no definitiveness about its origins or the symbolism of Jesus, the lamb, and Mary, his mother.


Later that afternoon, after a spontaneous visit to Newport, RI, I came upon a farm that conserves unique breeds like this gentle and soulful Dorset Horn sheep from Britain.  Perhaps “Mary Had a Little Lamb” wasn’t intended to be about Jesus — but it led me to the evidence of the Spirit’s presence that day.




The vision of this creature  

Astounding as any rainbow ever seen


The presence of my Savior

In so many forms for me







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