Self-Portrait   Leave a comment

Identify and don’t compare

Don’t withhold and always share

Combat judgment, guilt, and shame

If something’s wrong maybe I’m to blame

You know if you spot it

Then maybe you got it


My latest and my favorite

Extolled by me, so I should claim it

If you worry, pray — And if you pray, don’t worry

Then there’s easy does it – so you’re not in a hurry


If I don’t fill my heart with all this stuff

My going gets bumpy; my life gets tough

I have to live my life aware

Look at the past; but not to stare

Live in the present and be content

Thankful I’m not wonderin’ where my life went


There’s so much further yet to go

I’ll keep remembering easy does it, go slow

How will I spend the hours of daylight left

In praise and wonder, or feeling bereft

Amazing and true, there’s always a choice

Emotions don’t have to be in charge – I have a voice

To quiet ill thinking – focus on what’s good

To maintain an inner sound neighborhood

Making everything outward, seem at last, as it should



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