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Overcoming Unrest — With Just One Breath   3 comments

I reach for something to ingest

To fill this body of unrest

Rather than to seek true peace

By spending time with You


Why does this body, in this world, resist what You command

And why does it appear to be making the demands

This is the greater mystery of all to me…

In contrast when I put down food, or drink, or media

And turn my heart to You

Your Spirit always fills me more than any other thing can do


Only You, oh God can gratify

Can satisfy my craving

To be in harmony

At last, I stop, and find my breath

The Breath of Life, with Peace, in You





One Single Grain of Sand   Leave a comment

Sometimes it seems life’s purpose is to keep pushing

The same singular grain of sand

Just one grain, meant for me, to keep my focus on

Ever pushing, ever present, on the shores of many more

Only one is mine

This single grain of sand; pressing onward, leading me to You

I know its form and every nuance, changing color, shifting shape

This single grain of sand for You

It keeps me safe and purposeful

This single grain of sand

I pray that one day it will be

A diamond that I give to thee





What Offering Can I Bring   Leave a comment

What still needs to be heard or known

That Spirit has not already shown


Are we so mentally frail

Mortals so weak, that consistently fail

Forever to be so forgetful of

Peace, compassion, and most of all love


It isn’t where I’ve come from

Nor where I’m striving to be

Living in yesterday, or desiring tomorrow

Craving what was, or being lost in sorrow


Oh God keep me stayed

To what is here — What is now

Not allowing this soul to be forgetful of

Peace, compassion, and most of all love








Four Years Ago Today   Leave a comment

Seated so serenely, surrounded by the evergreens

Blonde hair loosely swept upward as though arranged by an angelic breeze


She reads her letters – obviously just retrieved from one of the many silver boxes

Stacked in rows, like postal houses under shingled cover


Letters sometimes come, still addressed to you

Where you once reached for items demanding your attention – four, long, years ago

Today I see your Spirit represented by this woman whose beauty, like yours, cannot be hidden

Behind black rimmed readers, blue jeans, and a carefree flowing blouse


Today I catch a fainting glimpse of you while reading

Not letters, but our hearts, that still daily do address you

Hoping that our love transcends what we can no longer see, or can embrace


How grateful, so grateful, for your unexpected appearances

Our evidence of you, and our Creator’s love and grace



Four Years Ago Today

To See   Leave a comment

If not for a camera I could not reveal

The marvels that I find

So grateful for the places, people, and wonders

That daily cross my path


Thank you God for giving sight

To me, who once was blind




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