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Patiently wait for me to bring to fruition that which you not only desire but also need, for my spirit works out perfectly in all, for all.


So many lives move with every grain of sand that shifts; not by winds or rain but by my guiding hand.


This life…your life…is fashioned by design.

God, our Creator, whom you know as Father and your Mother, is pleased by what you think and do, and forgives when you go astray — for you know the path that’s true.


Your concerns are heard and known. A plan is at work not just for you but for all whose lives are in effect — affected by what you also do.


Be aware and always care how you will appear to others, for you carry with you the gift of God’s eternal life through Christ. After all, and through all, that is the most that matters.


Your plans are not a trivial thing because they are mortal. For God, your caring, loving parent already knows your heart and knows you really do know what matters.


Your desire to serve is clear — the how and when and where has already been decided within you.

So patience is your work today.


Peace is yours for the asking. So ask me now; your brother Jesus will share all He has with you. The Holy Spirit will take you where you never could have imagined.


Continue doing what you do best. It pleases us all to see you use your gifts so liberally. They come so easily, for love lubricates their flow — from us to you, for the world to know.

God and Christ and Spirit works to bring this world and those who love, home to rest one day forevermore.


This is where to put your trust, and build your faith upon this rock.


Look to those who came before and read their stories told by spiritual ones and teachers.

The truth is in your soul.




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