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Time Takes Time   Leave a comment

Perfect for me today, and I hope a comfort for others in this day and for tomorrow  –

When we say “This too shall pass…” Doesn’t always mean that the same situation may not return … But when what we are hoping for “to pass” finally does, we are armed with new experience that fosters new hope for the next time the words, “This too shall pass … are needed again. It becomes an even greater comfort — and can be seen as another building block in our spiritual character.


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We were in such a hurry to get to where we thought we needed to be

We hardly noticed the scenery

We were either too tired, too wired

Or so fried that we cried

We couldn’t go back

And it hurt to go on

We couldn’t sell what we had fought so hard to buy

Yet we were hopeful, not damned

Just in need of a plan

What would we do if we didn’t do this

So we prayed

Help us God

What would be best

Why does this seem like a difficult test

The answer came slowly

It was something like this

Do what you love – Just pour out your gifts

Then you will see that your burden will lift

It has taken a while to get past the curve

Not have a false grin but real joy from within

No one knows what tomorrow will bring


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We Always Have a Choice   Leave a comment

Kerry O’Connor, R.N., on the right, heard me speak last year in Montreal at the Planetree Annual Conference where I told my story of sexual abuse, recovery, and healing through creative expression. A power point presentation that accompanied my speech included my photography, with quotations, and poetry. She later reached out to me and said that the hospital wanted to purchase one of my enlarged prints, and asked if I would add a quotation that I thought was appropriate for the victims of sexual abuse, whom she treats at Elmhurst Hospital in Chicago.

It now hangs in the emergency room where she examines and treats the victims of sexual abuse. Kerry is a SANE (Sexual Abuse Nurse Examiner), who is a beautiful, kind, healing soul.
(SANEs are specially trained in collecting and handling evidence for use by law enforcement and admission in court. They are instructed to ask specific questions that will help gather information about the crime and provide initial counseling services for victims.

This year’s Planetree Conference was in Chicago, where I presented again, and we were able to meet, this time at her hospital, where I signed my artwork at her request. I am so blessed to know that the work I do can further awareness, and be a gentle healing reminder for all victims — that they are loved — that they deserve the support given to them by people like Kerry — and hopefully help them to choose the path that is best for them.

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Can We Bring Back the Color   Leave a comment

There is so much of me you do not see

You’re blinded by the color

The details, clear and sharp, are blurred

Like words that drunkards slur


You paint a stroke so careless and so broad

And gather all you can to self

As though there’s no one else


Changes occur so slowly; you’re too self absorbed to notice

Then like a storm of unrelenting lightning strikes

Realizations, undeniable, and frightening

The world as you once knew it

Has begun to disappear


Your hoarding, greed, and fear, and doubt

Sucked out all the color of your life

The choice is sacred, now supreme

And there’s only one to make

Will it be black — Will it be white


What you perceive as gray — is held together by grace

Like a reckless child, the rest you have erased

Only black and white remain

And that too, is fading fast


Oh God, I pray bring back the color to our world

When care-free choices once were many

I frolicked through each season

Taking for granted, there would be a next


 The evidence, the knowledge, is a stark and grievous burden

One more chance, I beg to see

To save what’s left of me

Then with hope, to save another

That we, with You, bring back to life, the wonder, and the color




Oh Lord, To You I Surrender   Leave a comment

Do I steer my will away from Yours?

Guide, direct, so I might  be at peace with You

You, who is all in all, and all I surely know


This is the greatest truth

You are the great I AM

Creator God above all most high

It is to You I cry for help and understanding

My hope lies with you


My heart cries like the strings of violins

That solemnly vibrate at the stroke of the musicians bow

We sing and we weep for You

To hear us and know our song

It Is for You, and only You


My heart is heavy laden with

The trust You placed in me

To speak Your truth and share Your love

In spite of my own plans and fears

I offer You my truth with tears

Please wipe away all that would keep me from deepening my love for You




The Gift of Patience   Leave a comment

Patience is an artist, whose only brush, is time

She colors the day with faith

And with trust she fills each line


How often do we struggle 

Forcing situations, and filling empty holes

Instead of withholding and waiting

For patience to complete

What might be her greatest masterpiece


Yet while still working at her craft

With her faithful standing by  

She is forever able, and so eager to refresh us

With the gift of Spirit’s fruit filled peace



ChicagoTunnelNight Signed

Speaking for Animal Rights in Chicago   Leave a comment

So thankful to be a presenter at Planetree – an incredible organization that has been a pioneer in patient centered health care. We are at their international conference in Chicago where some of the greatest minds and hearts are gathered to inform, brainstorm solutions, and share recent strides in health care.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude for those who came to hear my speech  about animal abuse and recovery, and have a discussion.  The story began as a result of my deepened relationship with our 14 year old pit bull, Angel. Losing Angel to kidney failure broke my heart, only so that it could be opened to adopt Petunia, another part pit bull, who as a puppy had been intentionally burned, starved, and left to die in a back alley in Baltimore where she was found and rescued. Angel and Petunia inspired me to tell their story and carve a path for animal welfare – 
It saddens me to even call our animal kingdom “animals” – when it is humans who have acted like what we call “animals” who have caused them the greatest harm.

In my presentation I quote Ghandi who once said, “You can judge a nation by the way its animals are treated.”

We are the voice for the voiceless – and I am thankful to be one of the many voices rising for

“Think Occasionally of the Suffering of Which You Spare Yourself the Sight – Albert Schweitzer   Leave a comment

This Monday, October 13, at 9am I’ll be speaking at the Planetree Conference in support of animal rights — and the importance of our all taking a part as rescuers — The animal kingdom has even begun to speak to me in dreams. Last night I dreamed of a dolphin. It was so vivid, I woke up crying — Their crisis is inflicted by human hands and we can do something to help them — In so doing, we rescue ourselves …

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