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Kerry O’Connor, R.N., on the right, heard me speak last year in Montreal at the Planetree Annual Conference where I told my story of sexual abuse, recovery, and healing through creative expression. A power point presentation that accompanied my speech included my photography, with quotations, and poetry. She later reached out to me and said that the hospital wanted to purchase one of my enlarged prints, and asked if I would add a quotation that I thought was appropriate for the victims of sexual abuse, whom she treats at Elmhurst Hospital in Chicago.

It now hangs in the emergency room where she examines and treats the victims of sexual abuse. Kerry is a SANE (Sexual Abuse Nurse Examiner), who is a beautiful, kind, healing soul.
(SANEs are specially trained in collecting and handling evidence for use by law enforcement and admission in court. They are instructed to ask specific questions that will help gather information about the crime and provide initial counseling services for victims.

This year’s Planetree Conference was in Chicago, where I presented again, and we were able to meet, this time at her hospital, where I signed my artwork at her request. I am so blessed to know that the work I do can further awareness, and be a gentle healing reminder for all victims — that they are loved — that they deserve the support given to them by people like Kerry — and hopefully help them to choose the path that is best for them.


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