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Dance With Me in the Moonlight   Leave a comment

Silence dances in the moonlight to a tune only few can hear

She’s waiting for her call

Her silver slippers race in haste to catch the waiting Moonbeam

A celestial train for which she holds a ticket

Transported by the luminaries to bring solace and purpose to the hungry souls of earth

A rhythmic tide each day reminds us she is ever near

Lapping waters that soothe our soul soon become a waterfall

After each of us receive our call

To dance hand in hand with the Divine

With you and me and she makes three

I pray to dance with you for all eternity …



Tis the Season   Leave a comment

I don’t know from where the time will come

How on earth to ever get things done

But then at last I recall

I inhale deeply and my shoulders fall

Time is not essential for what is truly most important

Thoughts are not subject to the boundaries of time

With one thought everything can change – remember there is love, remember to love

And what my heart most desires becomes satisfied

And the cravings of the soul are assuaged by an attainable peace



Tis The Season1

December 16, 2006   1 comment

December 16, 2006
– The most important document in my files –
At first meeting I thought you might be with me for just a while
Great friends, loving God, and each other
But God had bigger plans
For which I am grateful for in ways that words could never tell
But I will at least try and publicize
For all the world to know – ‘I love you
You are beautiful in kindness of heart, and in body and soul my Lisa Feistel’
…. I do 😉

December Rising   2 comments

Freezing faster into darker days 
Oh light of sun at last find grace 
To share with you the birth of dawn
Fleeting fast yet here and now 
Find me where I am 
Stretching forth to reach you
In this frozen morning 
Still I I feel your warmth


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I Believe in You and I Love You   Leave a comment

“I believe in you and I love you.” These were the words spoken by a mother to her daughter who was addicted to drugs.

To save them both she had to let her go. “When you stop using drugs you can come home,” the mother said, and she would always add, “I believe in you…and I love you.”

She tried relentlessly to be let back in to her home but with courage this wise and loving mother stood firm, “No, not until you’re off drugs…I believe in you, and I love you.”

One day her daughter came home and asked her mother if she would take her to a rehab to get help.

Today she is at home, living with her family, clean and sober.

Her story brought me back to my own — And hearing her mother’s words,  pierced my heart as though they were spoken to me by our Mother-God, “I believe in you, and I love you,”


My will mixed with my wants were flooded with false fears

I drank and drugged and gorged and spent

Then wondered where the time and money went

Youth, is the time of life they say is fleeting

Never dawned on me to be of value any way

I drifted in a carnival of lost loves and patron saints

Catholic schoolgirl days long gone

Smart enough to figure out what weak men wanted most

Bought me anything I needed to keep the merry-go-round turning


Until one day the music stopped

The pintos and the stallions froze

Painted faces, bucked toothed steeds

Wooden and unfeeling, inanimate as me


The silence in that moment exposed the terror and the fantasies

For years one voice never ceased but could never be understood

Driven deeper by rising, screaming, damning thoughts

A camouflage of cheers pretending to be necessary for survival


Have a drink, a sniff, a shot

And pick the pocket of a loved one

They’ll forgive you; they always do

What they have is yours for you to take

If you don’t, your very life is what’s at stake

You cannot lose what you have already lost

The world owes more than it can ever pay


All of this I lived and thought was true

Life was hell so why wouldn’t I live it out this way


One morning I grabbed my side in distress

A swollen liver throbbed in pain

With only me, the drugs and the booze to blame

O.D.’s and blackouts, and blocked with bile

I was scared of dying, but just for a while


Obsession took possession

The uninvited riots returned full force

The merry-go-round again went round 

Then suddenly, it all grinded down


The mob within ceased screaming

The deafening silence became a pool for them all to drown in


Faintly a voice from I know not where spoke

‘You can’t continue to live this way’

Another voice rose in righteous defiance

‘Your weekends…The clubs…The dancing…Getting high’


The first voice didn’t reason, just simply reassured

‘There’s another way to live, without all of that’


I writhed inwardly as though my fate was in someone else’s hands

Until the voice was only one

‘You can do this; You know that you can…’


My will fell, my spirit rose

And it seemed the world was not anything like it was before

And I didn’t realize until then, that it was May, and it was springtime














I Believe in You and I Love You

Help Me God to Not Let the World Steal My Time With You   Leave a comment

There is so much time I want to spend with You

Just You and I with nothing else to do

However, the world it seems to push and pull

When my soul is simply so content to ponder and design

Poetic works for You that rhyme

All the benefits of what we share never interfere with worldly obligations

When the priority is to be with You in love and oblation




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