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Cracker Barrel conundrum for a vegetarian on the road –   Leave a comment

Oh how I miss those great Charleston, SC eateries already —
After much help from our Cracker Barrel waitress, Amber, we found something without bacon bits, or ham, or made on the grill –

“If we eat what we should have instead of what we want, eventually what we should have would become what we want”


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We are Loved More than we can Imagine   Leave a comment

2015/01/img_4895.jpgStarting my day getting fit reading words from scripture to keep me spiritually fit for the world and physically, on the treadmill, keeping this body also fit to be its best of what God made me to be today, I pray – one day at a time –

In James chapter 1 verses 23, 24, I read (paraphrasing) that not being fit is like looking at yourself in the mirror and as soon as you walk away you forget what you saw – Today I challenge us all to look into the mirror until we see our Spirit and say, smiling, “I love you” – and when we look at others, to see the Spirit in their eyes when you greet them – Spiritual push-ups are connecting eye to eye, heart to heart – intimacy = in to me you see –
We are not alone and loved by God our Creator and parent more than we can ever imagine.

God bless your day with love,

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Quiet My Mind – Open My Heart   1 comment

Oh faith, my friend, my advocate
Teach me love; abolish hate
Fear shrivels hearts and tightens flow
Remind me of the infinite possibilities you’d have me know
Grant confidence for each step I take 
May Your ways be mine 
And Your thoughts be my guide 

Oh Faith

Breaking Free from Frozen   Leave a comment

Breaking Free from FrozenFB

Whether winter’s fleeting light

Long lasting nights

Or sudden frights

Nothing will there ever be that keeps Your love from me

The fire in the skies above

The stars that pierce the blackness of the night

Reveal your plan and majesty

I’ll sit and wait and watch and pray

Let night, its cold and biting winds

Know soon its day is done

Heaven knows this soon will end

Not only with the birth of Spring

But with a bright and never-ending day

A new world for eternity to come


Once a Sheep   Leave a comment

SHEEPNothing works like it used to

Since You came to the rescue

There’s no turning back

Even when I’m broken

Your word has spoken

I’m shaken but not falling

Though anxiousness is standing in the shadows

I’ll keep looking for the light

That blots out what the darkness knows

Its night is done

The dawn has come

Once a sheep led to slaughter

Now, Your heir…Your daughter

I confess

I’m blessed

You’re here

And You can hear

My praise, my prayers, my new dawn song

I am saved, I am loved, and I am Yours

And You hold a place in heaven for us all




Changes   Leave a comment

Co-existing in simultaneous seasons

Dressing for all occasions

Ready when frost strikes

Life freezes for a while

Only suspended never ended

Verdant colors of the earth

Are in constant flux

Awaiting birth



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