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Jesus and the Minuet   Leave a comment

Have you not heard that to bond with me is easy

I do not push, nor do I tug

Mine is a gentle embrace

This is not your race

The work of overcoming this world is already won

For one and for all

The bridge to God no one can burn

I invite you now to partake

Of all I have to give

Everything the The Father has given me

Is to share with You

By my request, I asked for your protection

Be mine to love, and to guard

Please dance with me;

This is our song

Love, joy, and peace with hope and faith

Isn’t this better than running a race

Let’s dance, let’s dance; let’s stay in pace

Life passing by can seem like a blur

You turn left, when I turn right

Stay with me; keep me in sight

Let’s dance, let’s dance; let’s keep the pace

Life with me is not a race

Hand in hand and heart to heart

I won’t let go; don’t lose your grip

I hold you close; I’m ever near

Where I lead; you’ll want to go

I’m here today and for tomorrow

Our dance floor is the gift of earth

The hills, the clouds, the changing seas

We’ll navigate the obstacles

Step, and spin and rise again

Toe to toe and hand in hand

In laughter, joy, or sorrow

I’ll be with you all the while

When the music stops and leaves us idle

We’ll rest to sit one out

But once refreshed, begin again, let’s dance, lets’ dance

Let’s keep in pace

This life is not a race

We, together step to the music of the angels

Each chord reverberates shaking heaven’s doors open

Open for you; for you with me

The light streams forth

I dance you in

Encompassed by the light of love

Wisdom leads the way

With hope that’s now fulfilled

Faith has given you strength

My love, a life eternal

Our dance has just begun






 Day 10

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