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March Gladness   1 comment

I much prefer the sport of blooms in competition

Striving for my heart’s affection

Than indoor games, and keeping score


In God’s kingdom, I believe there’s only winners 



Soooon   Leave a comment

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you –

Sometimes it’s an inside job –

Then suddenly everything changes –


Rough Seas, Windswept Skies, Craggy Cliffs   Leave a comment

Oh God, I pray your love, and sometimes not so tender edification

Brings me to where every crevice becomes known

And if it cannot be smoothed to perfection

For this world is still waiting for Your return to make all things as they were at first meant to be

May my cragginess perhaps be used by you

To help smooth out the edges of another

And drop more scales from me


FBRough Seas, Windswept Skies

Grateful   Leave a comment

When I seek you – You are there

In ways mysterious yet obvious

Your Spirit prompts my heart to open

And there You always are to enter





FBSailboat copy

Turning the Tide   Leave a comment

Only you can make of life, the shifting tides
And setting sun, a daily masterpiece

Oh Lord grant me peace and presence of mind
To be a constant witness
Of your glory, love, and majesty
That I pray to never miss

Within I know you’re wonderful
And believe it is all your handiwork
But how quickly I forget
When my eyes turn to self
And not to You

So take, I pray, my eyes, my heart
And make them One with Yours



While There Still is Light   Leave a comment

While there still is light

There still is time

To make the best of what is left

For the sun, it sets so quickly




Heaven’s Rain   Leave a comment

As the heaven’s rain her waterfall

Let your love soak me through and through

And wring me out to bless the souls

Of the parched and dry that know you not



The Heavens Rain

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