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God’s Hands   Leave a comment

From what was once barren and bleak

The irrepressible seed of life bursts forth to overcome 

In the miracle of spring

Constant and forbearing any obstacle

Proof the battle’s won 

This life on earth is fleeting, yet there’s so much more to come




The Miracle Surrounds Us

God, You’ve Given Us So Much to Work With   Leave a comment

First we prepare, and then we plant

Seeking an opportunity each day to grow

Recreating Your work of art

With an infinite palette of choices

Our faith with works illuminates the path to You




Staying on an Even Keel   Leave a comment

The traffic jam originates in my head

When what I have to do is not prioritized instead

Some days it seems so simple to order and to manage

All the tasks that make a mountain out of my to-do’s

But first I must remember who’s in charge

To keep God first, to take a breath

And stay in my own shoes




If You Spot It; You Got It   Leave a comment

I set my gaze upon many things

All of which seem to capture my attention

Calling me to notice them, to study, and sometimes admire

Are they there for themselves alone

Or rather to remind me

That if I see a gift revealed

Once hidden and protected

Now exposed for all to know

May suddenly be there to be my teacher

If beauty such as this exists

In woodland and the seas

How much more is there to be discovered

In you, and in me




FBLynn's Marigold

Who Has Eyes to See   Leave a comment

Sometimes I feel like an alien on this earth

When the media portrays dominance as being cool

Cowboys, trophy hunters, bullfighters, all commonplace bullies


The dominator will one day see

The severity of what they thought was cool

Was evil in disguise and utterly cruel


Let love be the judge, and conscience overcome

Until the day God’s will for earth

Shall, at last, finally come



FBWho Has Eyes to See

Thankful for Another Day   Leave a comment

Some days I am so grateful just to see the light of day

I can’t imagine what God has planned or what is on the way

When my attitude is right

Everything looks bright …




Love Still Speaking   Leave a comment

Today is my Aunt Hazel’s birthday. She raised me after my mom died, when I was two years old — Losing her was my first real heart break — that led me to finally getting help for my addictions — Then, it was a heavy burden; yet today because of her, my heart is light with love and gratefulness —

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