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What’s in Your Pantry   Leave a comment

An adolescent at the kitchen table

Picking at her food

Skirts around the vegetables 

Holds out for dessert

The cook and loving caregiver finger wagging says

Don’t you know that you are what you eat

Lessons still are never ending

While appetites keep changing

Not for food or more desserts

For now she knows the mind grows on what it’s fed

A body unled by Spirit has died long before it’s dead




Preparing to Succeed   Leave a comment

We all have to begin somewhere

With courage to exercise what we’ve been given

At first taught by imitation

Then soon to take first freedom flight

With gusting sweep and swelling heart of unknown limitation





Give and Take   Leave a comment

No matter what our age

No matter who we are

There’s always something we can share

And something we can learn



Spirit Calling   Leave a comment

Although I see you not

I know I’m not forgotten

Like air I breathe or ripened sunset

Neither can I grasp but both are palpable

So why is it so hard for some to believe

That in all that You created

You exist within us all


Every new day brings the opportunity to begin anew   Leave a comment

Thank you God for the night

Like a blackboard freshly wiped

Now overcome by morning light  

Hunger stirs the heart to wake

To excitedly anticipate

Oh God, what in this day 
Can You and I together make



How to Maintain a Healthy Heart   Leave a comment

It’s natural to not always see things eye to eye

But it takes courage not to walk away

And instead confront our differences face to face

Overcoming obstacles that only block our heart





Evening   Leave a comment

Evening comes and takes with it activity, and color, and conversation too

And leaves me with a quietness accompanied by the Spirit sense

The dim begins to blanket earth, and soul, and memory

And beckons me to rest

Oh God I pray to always honor You 

And  find You even in my dreams









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