Feeling the Love   4 comments

We attended a birthday party today for a dear friend of ours – that overflowed to a tailgate party for Petunia —

Many of our friends knew of Petunia but didn’t know until today her whole story of recovery after being found in an alleyway in Baltimore, severely burned and starved only one year ago this month – One by one people came out from the party to visit her, making this a very happy day for this girl God has given us all to love – #FeelingTheLove




fg party tuney

4 responses to “Feeling the Love

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  1. Sending our best wishes to you and Petunia!


    • Thanks so much Jack and Gus … If anyone understands … We know you do 😉
      God bless you both and your furry household


      • Are you going to be in P-town this summer? We’re going do be there through Bear Week. How’s the new place? We miss you! P-town just isn’t the same without you!


  2. Sorry for the late response – no Ptown for us till October – Glad you miss us cuz we miss you 😉 and are so glad we met …. Have a great bear week!


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