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A Vision Realized   1 comment

Moving Day with the one I love – View from our upstairs window – so very blessed – Thank you God –

Today is a good example of my insides matching my outsides 😉

Incredible   2 comments

This is John.

We had just arrived in Washington, D.C. and took Petunia for a walk. As many of you know, this was a great celebration because she hasn’t been able to walk for months. As we strolled down 17th Street a young man stepped out to admire Petunia. When he stooped down to pet her he asked about her condition. We told him she was a burn victim — and then were amazed when he asked, “Is this the dog from Baltimore?”

“Yes!” we said and couldn’t believe that he knew of her.

He then said, “I followed her story from the beginning. Did they ever catch who did this to her?” — (Sadly, no.)

It’s incredible that Petunia has touched the hearts of so many people. We are so grateful for her healing …. So many people that care … and that she has become such a great ambassador for the cause to overcome animal abuse.


– Thank you John for your kindness and compassion –





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