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In God’s Eyes   Leave a comment

There’s so much more that’s going on

So much more than eye can see

But like a train that’s run away

We hang on for the ride

Rejoicing to be in the fore

Facing things to come

With open heart and open arms

In the center of it all

With God and Christ and Spirit filled

Fear can nowhere hide

Displaced by faith

Burned out by light

Oh God I pray 

Keep us ever in Your love and sight



Becoming   Leave a comment


We are much more than just a drop in the ocean or a single grain of sand

When we use what we have been given then we begin to understand

Every drop in every ocean and each singular grain of sand

Becomes a part of every breath with each awakened heart



Evidence   Leave a comment

Thank you God for giving me opportunity 

And the ability to freeze

Precious moments fleeting fast

And faster still in memory

When eclipsed by day’s events

In actuality so minuscule

When confronted by Your majesty



Proverbs 3: 5-6   Leave a comment

Even when I don’t know exactly where I’m headed

If I’m aligned with God I know I won’t regret it



Focused   Leave a comment

Whether winged and feathered

Two legged or four

God’s creation is a constant source of inspiration 

And a place to bring attention for peace and meditation


Fire Escapes   Leave a comment

Oh what a night

No competition for a breeze

Used to be a city’s third floor fire escape

Was the only place to be 

Now it’s all  just a memory 


There’s Nothing New Under the Sun   Leave a comment

For God has given us each our gifts

To reform, imitate and recreate

For all there is under the sun has really already been done



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