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God is Wherever I Am   Leave a comment

Oh God I pray, whether the moon, or sun, or stars

Glisten, shine, or sparkle not

I find You in the deep, or in the dark


Building Faith and Trusting God   Leave a comment

At first some are suspicious

And others simply curious

Creeping slowly, seeing there’s no harm

The fearful and the doubters finally learn to trust

Reminding me that was once me 



Thank you God for Nature; for us to Imitate   Leave a comment

We strike out on our own to seek success and self-sufficiency

Then perhaps we add a spouse, some kids, a dog

And, of course, a house for all

But what about these little ones

Making life with all they have; with all that they could be

Perhaps the inspiration for the very first RV



All of Creation is One Family with One Creator   Leave a comment

A family that watches, and waits, with purpose to protect

Making sacrifice of self, to nurture, and to nourish 

Born of a creator with instinct to preserve 

This is how love is multiplied

And God is magnified



A Swirl of Emotions   1 comment

If weather were dictated by your emotions

Would there be more calm seas, and clear blue skies

Or wind and rain and dark stormy nights

Would your pictures be full of color

Or dramatically black and white

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New Beginnings   Leave a comment

When starting most endeavors I always ask for help

‘Oh God please bring Your Spirit here for what would be the best’

And in the end, no matter what, all will be well when the Spirit is in the mix 

This, of course, does not include our mortal vices

For example, let’s say roulette

Shortcomings and addictions I surrender to God instead 😉

However, life’s choices can be a gamble but with God there’s little risk



Representing Placid Waters   Leave a comment

I believe that peace is a choice 

Some things are worth fighting for 

Like defending the voiceless and the young

But the majority of the time my thoughts can be wasted

On things that have not even been done

But only conjured by a worrisome idea

May faith be the blanket that shields me from ill thoughts

To be a beacon for the one who’s seeking shelter

A place to find true rest  


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