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Anyone been to the DMV lately … or the Registry, as it’s more commonly referred to in MA?

I knew I would have to get my Florida driver’s license and register my car soon after moving to Sarasota and regretted having to go to the Motor Vehicle Dept. I was all to familiar with the lengthy waiting on line, the inhospitable treatment of workers who must have been trained to not make eye contact, and always the trepidation of finally having my number called only to find out that I needed another piece of information and then have to start all over again.

Candy, was the name of the employee who ‘served’ me at the Florida DMV. My number was called and I was asked to take a seat at her desk. Yes, I said, ‘Take as seat’. Candy reviewed my application, smiled and said, “Welcome to Paradise.”
Pinch me….Really? Did I die and go to Motor Vehicle heaven?

Well, it got even better today when I went to Chase Bank to add a business account to my personal account. I sat with Kerri Montague, pictured here, who is originally from Brooklyn. When I asked her how she liked living in Sarasota she didn’t skip a beat and  said, “I’m afraid that one day I’m going to wake up and find out this was all a dream.”

–What can I say… except that I really feel welcomed to paradise… 🙂


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