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To Be Free   Leave a comment

The rain effects us all

For some it’s joy and others sorrow

Rain produces crops but also mold

Life goes on and yet I know

To live with God in mind and heart

Promises a life beyond what one ever could imagine

Ps – After our photo session this little guy found his way back to the garden and to freedom 😉


Shadows   1 comment

In every day there is opportunity to see things differently

To turn the ordinary to extraordinary

With a different point of view 



Stretching Beyond our Comfort Zone   Leave a comment

How far we can go depends upon how far we are willing to reach –

God will always meet us where our faith takes us – 

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A Power Greater   3 comments

FBClouds copyEvery heart longs for love 

And desires Your approval

Yet mortality makes worthiness sometimes seem so out of reach

How can You entrust us with so much

And how can we forget Your love

And Your unfailing acceptance 

In all things You have made us

More than conquerors, You have made us

Although at times enslaved by worldly thoughts 

Ideas wrought my man and not by Spirit

Help us please to grasp the Sword of Your Spirit

That slays phantom dragons and shatters lies that no longer can consume us

Arm us to protect new seeds to grow in Your love and in Your light

One with You, worthy of kinship, and joint heirs with Jesus Christ



Everything’s A OK   1 comment

Joy is a gift that sometimes we must seek

A trip to the beach

Or a trip within 

To put sunshine on our soul each day


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No Shame    Leave a comment

Shed feathers remind me that we are the only creatures that need to be covered – and that my life work has been to get to the place where I can stand naked before my Creator and have no shame – in thanks for God’s grace and love – and forgiveness –  

Rain or Shine   Leave a comment

Some days it’s an umbrella, and others it’s shades

How blessed are we to have what we need

To praise, not complain

With the sun on our soul, or the earth turning cold

On the clearest of days, or in down-pouring  rain

We are free in the Spirit, not bound by the world

The weather within is what keeps our souls whole





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